A Strange Journey

On an over-clouded, 1950’s, New Jersey night, Brad Majors and his fiancée Janet Weiss set out inn their car to drive to the home of their old science tutor, Dr. Evrett Scott. When they are thoroughly lost and it is teeming with rain they have blow out and there is nothing to do but walk wetly back to the gothic-looking castle they passed a few mile’s back. They are greeted by a seedy-looking hunchbacked butler called Riff Raff who invites them in, and oh! Fatal decision, they enter.

The master of the house turns out to be the ‘Sweet Transvestite’ Frank’N’Furter from Transsexual, Transylvania, who invites them into his laboratory to meet his favourite obsession, Rocky, the good-looking young man he has been creating to gratify his pleasures. With Frank’s tow nymphomaniacal female assistants, Columbia and Magenta, they witness the birth of his creature.

The celebrations are interrupted by the entrance of Eddie, a human monster who donated his organs for Rocky. Seeing the mangled creature in front of his beloved new creation, Frank hacks Eddie to death. Brad and Janet are forced to spend the night and are lodged in separate rooms. During the night Frank seduces first Janet and then Brad. After the encounter, Janet meets Rocky wandering in the corridor, and spying Brad and Frank together on the monitor, she decides to clamber into bed with Rocky.

The sexual confusion is broken by the arrival of the tutor whom Janet and Brad had been on their way to visit. Dr. Evrett Scott works for the government in warding off aliens and reveals Frank and his posse to be aliens from outer space. Frank, to defend himself, pins Brad, Janet and Dr. Scott to the floor with beams of light whilst he announces his midnight ‘floorshow’.

The show is presented in red underwear, suspenders and stockings. The orgy is cut short when Riff Raff and Magenta suddenly decide to return to their native planet and kill Frank, Rocky and Columbia before moving the whole castle back to the planet of the transsexuals, whilst the earth people are left alone.

Life will never be quite the same again.