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Why this site?
This site was born to show the world, that some things in life aren't only the thing itself but an attitude. Rocky Horror is such a thing. Fans dress up like Halloween or Carneval, scream, dance sing, are hilarious and forget the daily routine at least for 2 hours. Who tasted blood, never getaway again. I try with this site to show the spirit of Rocky Horror and give fans the opportunity to get information and publish themselves.

A Toast to absent friends:
A big thank you goes to my beloved boyfriend Christian, who gave me my first 2 domains (www.illyproductions.at, www.illyproductions.com) and Webspace. If he hadn't made me this present, I wouldn't have rebuilt my site this often and hadn't learned that much. Thank you Franz, who is my provider and who is always really patient with me. A big thank you also goes to the whole Rocky Horror Authentic West End-Ensemble, who really inspired me - from 1996 to today. At last but not least there goes a thank you to some friends of mine, who always see my sites at first (Mama, Susi, Christian, Stefan and Arnell). They were always honest to me and helped me with my designs.

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