How to enjoy the show!!!

(and not to annoy the crew – so, please, consider your behaviour wisely according to the local theatres’ rules and requirements. For none of us would want to get in trouble with the staff, I expect!)


Be well prepared when the show starts! Otherwise you could get into BIG trouble!!!

• Fold the newspaper hat!

• Fill up your water pistols!

• Put the batteries into your torches!


At the beginning of the show we are joining a wedding. Utter your joy and all the best wishes in the most traditional way and throw the rice. Do not be too generous as the next wedding will take place before the end of the 1. act!


After having left the celebration Brad and Janet are caught in a frightening storm. Gladly enough they have a newspaper to protect themselves and cover their heads against the rain. Fortunately enough YOU are also in the position to cover your head with your newspaper-hat.

Water Pistols

Well, just to give you and your neighbours an authentic impression of how our couple might feel you are now asked to make use of your water-pistols. DO you by now understand why you spent so much time on fitting your newspaper-hat?


After that much rain and physical inconvenience you – as well as our protagonists – will find relief from darkness and rain as “There’s a Light, Over at the Frankenstein Place”. Allow yourself to devote to one of the most poetic moments of musical-history and brighten the darkness with your torch-lights.


Slowly but surely the show ir reaching its climax: the birth of Rocky. Celebrate the Masters creature and throw toilet-paper as soon as Rocky is unwrapping himself out of his nappies.