What every virgin should know ...

By Illy

Virgins are usually people who never had sexual experiences. Rocky Horror is not much different. A Rocky Horror Virgin is an unlucky person, who has never ever seen either the movie or the Live-Musical.

If you are such an unlucky person, you’ve maybe chosen this site, because you will have the chance to experience the show in the next time and you want to know, how to handle this new “Rocky Horror”-Situation and the fans. If you go to a Live-Show to lose your Rocky virginity please do not rehearsal with the video.

First I want to manifest, that Rocky Horror is the one and only “Audience Participation”-Musical. The Audience is made a part of the musical and makes itself part of the movie. SO, the audiences creams different lines which fit with the scene. Sitting in a Live-Musical the actors react and start a short and amusing conversation. During the movie the actors cannot react – certainly-, so the audiences screams just more.

The “Screams” – how we call them – vary from city to city, from theatre to theatre and from night to night. There are thousands of different screams – still growing. So, if a new scream comes to your mind during the show, feel free to scream. I am the creator of some screams myself, which are standard screams at local theatres now and I must say, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Beside the screams you have to throw some props. The standard-throw-props are rice (confetti), toilet paper, a water pistol (certainly filled) and a newspaper to stay dry. If you are afraid of being kicked out of the theatre while making use of these props, please call your theatre and ask, which props are allowed.

Also an important thing to know is that Rocky Horror is neither a musical like every other nor a Horror-Thriller. Rocky Horror is a Rock-Musical-Homage to all old and famous Horror-B-Movies (like Frankenstein, the Invisible Man and King Kong).

Rocky Horror is fun, amusing and oh so hip and makes the craziest creatures leave their homes. That’s why you should bring lots of fun and good mood with you beside the props and break out of your personal societal constraints.

At this point I don’t want to explain more. But never forget, it’s your first time, so make the best of it.