The Author Makes a Proposition

I was born of woman, begat by man, my parents actually, and whilst the battle of sexes has roared on without any sign of cessation, I have been caught between the enemy lines and confined to a life in no-man’s land ever since.

Should intelligent protoplasm continue to be polarised in this way? I, for what may well be selfish reasons, say, I don’t think so matey. The old Gallic vive la difference malarkey is not in celebration of a feminine kind; it’s related to the medieval philosophical aberration that encouraged men in rather nice tights to place women upon a pedestal, in the metaphoric sense of course. Otherwise you would have had a young men saying to the object of their poetic affection, “Lookest thou my love, I hath bought thee a pedestal of thy very own, now get up there, I’m getting a ballade on”. And so, the sexual ghetto building began and carries on to this very day.

So popular is this divisional activity that minority groups have begun to do it to themselves, paradoxically for the very opposite reason; the gay community is a perfect example of how it happens. The more you wave your arms around saying I’m different but I want to be treated like everyone else, the more separate you become; the call for freedom becomes a from of isolation.

Transvestism is perceived as a psychological disorder. How or indeed why it happens, no one seems to know exactly. Reincarnation is the long shot. The failiure of hormonal triggers during gestation is a more likely explanation, or it may be the result of environmental trauma during childhood. Whatever reason, it’s time for us to tear down the walls that we build between ourselves, and allow individuality to flourish in the spirit of true libertarianism. It’s time for humankind to become more gentle; the barbarians have had the planet for long enough. So, if you want to slip into a little black number with shoestring straps, feel free, for it is written (now anyway) that no army ever marched in anger wearing fish-net stockings and six inch high-heels.

Richard O’Brien