Richard O’Brien

Richard O’Brien’s career in the world of performing arts has been a long and varied one which began with riding horses in movies and continued with him working in all aspects of live theatre including operating carbon arcs, follow spots knows as limes (hence the term limelight) shifting scenery and props in most of London’s West End theatres. He worked as a jobbing actor, married, had a son called Linus and while babysitting the young chap wrote a show entitled THEY CAME FROM DENTON HIGH which all of the world knows as THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. This small Fringe Theatre event was intended to run for five weeks at London’s prestigious Royal Court Theatre, thirty years later it seems determined to grow old as disgracefully as its author.

Richard’s work over the years has manifested itself in many shapes and forms, actor, author, gameshow host, singer, songwriter. Victim of an arrested development he refuses to join the grown ups as he’s looked at them and doesn’t much care for them.

He has appeared in movies as diverse as THE SPICE GIRL SAGA to EVER AFTER with Drew Barrymore to DARK CITY with Kiefer Sutherland and William Hurt. As well DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS and MUMBO JUMBO (both latter titles reflecting their subject matter).

Richard remains the oldest teenager known to man. He has two more children by a second marriage, a boy, Joshua and a girl, Amelia and has, in his dotage, recently released an album of new songs entitled ABSOLUTE O’BRIEN.

He was recently to be seen playing the role of “The Child Catcher” in the original cast of the West-End hit musical CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG.